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Sepia Bay poster (12x18)

Sepia Bay poster (12x18)

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Life is perfect in Sepia Bay, and the citizens have enjoyed peaceful, optimistic times as long as they can remember. That is, until the residents begin to have syncronized dreams of a vaguely familiar event. One by one, the residents begin to disappear, and strange “glitches” appear throughout the city. A historian of the town follows clues from the disappearances and is led to the island’s sacred forest, the Kosei, where he finds an unexplainable blight stripping the area of life.

Sepia Bay is an eclectic project, featuring an exciting blend of genres such as Hip Hop, Liquid Funk and D&B, House, experimental, and more. All songs on Sepia Bay are created from our monthly beat events and the concept is themed on “community & friends”. 

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